During these strange times, it is so nice to see all of the smiling faces of patients every day! I hear their laughter and we spend our sessions exchanging stories and sharing in conversation.

It’s not the way we normally do it–in person, but it’s still face-to-face.  We use toys, read books together and share a in a great deal of laughter.

Telepractice is an option I’ve offered at Speech With Sara for quite some time (long-before these shelter-in-place times) and a service format that isn’t too dramatically different from doing in-office appointments in the clinic. 

We’re still face-to-face. We’re using the same materials we’d use in person. We’re using books, cards, toys, games, bubbles and more! It’s so much fun! Plus, it provides both of us a break from the unusual times we’re enduring as a society.   

During a time when emergency mandates are being issued daily, when children are not going into school, parents are working from home and social distancing is the norm rather than the exception, having routine moments is important for all of us but especially for children. 

Sure there have been some adjustments–making sure screens are positioned so we can see each other’s faces, making sure the audio button is on so we can hear each other–but that’s about it.

Just like that, therapy continues. My patients continue to learn speech and language skills to grow their communication skills despite so much of their world coming to an absolute halt.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll celebrate when we’re able to get together in person and zoom a car back and forth to each other or discuss the happenings of unsuspecting passersby in the business district where my office is located, but in the meantime I’m going to celebrate the continued growth of my patients! 

Have questions about speech and language development or need therapy in absence of services contact Speech With Sara at 313-815-7916 or by email. Speech With Sara offers individual therapy for speech-sound disorders, early childhood language delays, literacy & language deficits and orofacial myofunctional disorders.

Tele-Practice Option for Speech Therapy

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