Attendance/Cancellation/Make-Up Policies

Consistent attendance is of the utmost concern for improved patient outcomes/progress. Speech with Sara LLC holds your therapy time for you and therefore considers it a promise to fulfill the slot. Attendance is routinely monitored and expected to be at or above 90%.

If you need to cancel an appointment or therapy session, please provide 48 hours notice for non-emergency situations (vacation, family events, sports, etc.). Patients will be charged for not showing to appointments that were not cancelled.

Patients who are ill with a fever, vomiting, rash, diarrhea or other contagious illness should alert Speech with Sara LLC as soon as possible of cancellation. Cancellations may be made by text or phone call: 313-815-7916 or by email.

Make-up sessions are required for all cancellations within 30 calendar days. When this policy is followed, Speech With Sara also offers make-up sessions due to inclement weather, vacations or illness. Make-up sessions must be attempted for cancellations as it is in the best interest of the patients to have consistent therapy to maximize progress on treatment goals.

Payment Policies

Speech With Sara LLC is private pay only. Payment is due at time of service.

Speech With Sara LLC accepts cash, check and credit cards. Checks should be made payable to Speech with Sara LLC. Receipts will be issued for all payments with detailed medical coding and description of services. A $15 fee will be charged for each returned check. The medical coding allows for patients and/or their guardians to submit for partial or full reimbursement from their health insurance if speech therapy is a covered benefit of their plan.

For pricing and information about the evaluation and therapy process, please contact Speech with Sara LLC 313-815-7916 or by email.