SWS Therapy Materials

For years, I’ve been making materials to use with patients. I just recently decided to offer some of those materials for purchase. 

I recently started selling therapy materials I make on Teachers Pay Teachers, which is a marketplace for educators, including specialized providers such as speech language pathologists. Creating materials is not anything new for me–I do it all the time–but selling those materials is a new adventure. 

These materials may be the most helpful for speech language pathologists or parents who are wishing to do home practice with their child beyond therapy sessions. Materials do not remediate skills alone and parents are always recommended to seek an evaluation and treatment for communication and language impairments by a certified speech-language pathologist.

Many materials are games, which capitalizes on the children’s most natural learning process! This is intentional. In addition to the learning piece, it’s fun and games engage and grow executive function skills. Executive functions are the building blocks for life and include skills such as attention, memory, organization, inhibition, etc. An added bonus of games is that they are highly motivating for children and often don’t feel like ‘work’ at all.  

All materials are digital downloads and are non-refundable. There are only a few materials in the store currently but the variety and number will grow as I have time to create and publish more–so check back.  

Please visit my store at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Speech-Tx-With-Sara