One area of specialization for Speech-Language Pathologist Sara Martin is Orofacial Myofunctional Disorders (OMD).

This area of practice offers preventative and rehabilitative services related to the correct closure and resting posture of the tongue and mouth.

OMDs can alter the development of the oral cavity and impact function as well as appearance. OMDs can impact feeding, breathing, speech and more.

Disorders you may have heard of previously include tongue thrust, tongue-tie, open-bite, etc. Often orofacial myofunctional therapy is offered in conjunction with treatment from other disciplines including orthodontists, dentists, ENT (ear-nose-throat) doctors, craniofacial specialists, those practicing in sleep medicine and/or disordered breathing.

This area of practice includes treatment for:

  • forward-resting tongue position
  • persistent open-mouth/lip posture
  • orthodontic relapse
  • weak lip muscles/closure
  • elimination of oral-sucking habits (fingers/thumb/other)
  • difficulty with intake of food (appropriate chewing/swallowing)

Treatment of OMDs require patient participation that includes repetitive practice multiple times each day based on a home plan developed during therapy. Home plans are established individually based on the needs and routines of the patient.

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