Never would I have imagined having my own speech therapy clinic. My family has long talked about it but for me it just seemed a dream. Then again, so did owning and operating my own private speech therapy practice.

Here I am more than two years after launching my private practice and I recently had a ribbon-cutting ceremony with the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce in front of my new clinic. At times it still seems rather surreal but it’s very much real.

When I started in private practice, I thought it would be a side gig to my day job as a speech-language pathologist in Detroit Public Schools. As word spread, I began receiving more calls for evaluations and therapy. As it turns out, my private practice is full time and I’m loving it.

My new clinic is located in the Village shopping and business district in Grosse Pointe, Mich. I’m among larger corporate retailers but also a myriad of smaller, locally-owned businesses with owners similar to myself: a resident of the community in which I work and where my children go to school.

My address is 17011 Kercheval Ave. I’m above Gymboree — the children’s clothing retailer.

As a private practice speech-language pathologist, I work mostly with the pediatric population on language delays, speech impairments, literacy disorders and stuttering impairments.

I also specialize in orofacial myofunctional disorders–these are structural issues related to the tongue, jaw and teeth that impact overall health and wellness as well as the development of the mouth. This area includes orthodontic relapse–this is when work an orthodontist completed is undone after the hardware or devices are removed.

Eternally grateful doesn’t even describe my emotional state as it relates to building my private practice and now opening up a clinic. I have a strong village of people in my life (family, friends and colleagues) for whom I owe many thanks and much appreciation. Without them, I would not be here as a speech-language pathologist, as a private business owner or with a speech therapy clinic.

In June I celebrated two years of successfully owning and operating my own business (Speech With Sara LLC). Now in July, I just had my ribbon-cutting celebrating the new space for my business. Next up: an open house. Stay tuned. Everyone will be invited!

Speech With Sara LLC offers comprehensive evaluation services for speech-sound disorders, orofacial myofunctional impairments (tongue thrusts, orthodontic relapse, weak lip closure, etc.), receptive/expressive language delays and literacy impairments.

Have questions about your child’s speech and language development, contact Speech With Sara LLC, 313-815-7916 or email:

It’s Ribbon-Cutting Time!

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