This month marks the two year anniversary for Speech With Sara LLC. It’s almost hard to believe.

I’ve been so busy with patients, getting settled into my new office space and the shift from the school year to summer, the anniversary nearly escaped me.

As I reflect upon the two years I’ve owned and operated my own private speech therapy practice, I’m in awe of the many children and families I’ve been fortunate enough to work with. I am so grateful for the families who choose to work with me and allow me to work with their child.

One of the best parts of having my own practice has been my ability to connect and partner with parents. I generally see parents at every therapy session and this allows me to share specific strategies that can be applied at home from that moment.

When I was in schools, connecting with parents was also a priority for me. I even made it a personal professional goal for myself one year to ensure parent participation in IEP meetings despite a supervisor urging me to go in a different direction with my annual focus. I made it a point to get to know my parents and to try to connect with them as frequently as possible.

The reality, however, in schools is that you just don’t get as great of chance to see, talk and connect with parents. They are not at school all day with their child. I was not at their child’s building every single day because I had multiple buildings. I spent a great deal of time on the phone with parents and I continue to do so but now enjoy having that face-to-face contact.

Another part that I love about my private practice is that I get to work with patients one-on-one. It allows me the opportunity to really not only get to know everything very well but also to truly make an impactful difference in their lives.

The actual anniversary day was not filled with much hoopla. It was just another day in which I worked with my patients and their parents. It was perfect because I was doing something I love.

The Magic

All of the late nights, all of the long days, and all of the trying moments of being a small business owner are worth it when I am able to see the changes I helped a patient achieve. While the changes may seem small or minor to most, they are huge for patients and their families.

So to celebrate my two years as a small business and private speech therapy practice owner, I will share some of the big changes I was fortunate enough to witness this week:

  • for the first time, a student strung together 3 and 4 word utterances that were intelligible
  • for the first time, a student said ‘bye bye’
  • for the first time, a student was able to produce the /s/ sound without distortion
  • for the first time, a student was able to form a bowl with her tongue independently
  • for the first time, a student read a story with multisyllabic words
  • for the first time, a student asked for help using verbal expression

All of my patients work so very hard to achieve speech and language skills most people take for granted. I incorporated age-appropriate games, literacy materials, toys and activities into my therapy sessions. Sometimes on the surface this can appear as if there is not work actually happening but believe me, they are working diligently trying to get to that goal they know we are targeting. It’s a magical moment when it happens.

I tend to celebrate my patient’s success in the moment–they deserve the hoopla and excitement. Those are moments are magical for both of us–my patient as well as myself. I love being able to be a part of the magic.

Speech With Sara LLC offers comprehensive evaluation services for speech-sound disorders, orofacial myofunctional impairments (tongue thrusts, orthodontic relapse, weak lip closure, etc.), receptive/expressive language delays and literacy impairments.

Have questions about your child’s speech and language development, contact Speech With Sara LLC, 313-815-7916 or email:

The Magic of 2 Years in Private Practice

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