I have big news. For the last month I have been working to ready an office space for Speech With Sara LLC. I’m in the midst of moving in.

In addition to my current services, having an office location will allow me flexibility in scheduling, therapy planning and therapy execution. I’m always learning –both formally through continuing education courses and informally through collaboration with other speech-language pathologists.  There are so many amazing ideas and I’m excited to be able to implement some that I was unable to prior to having an office location.

My new office is located in the Village shopping district in the City of Grosse Pointe. I’m above Gymboree. In fact, my front door is adjacent to the kids clothing retailer. I don’t have official signs on my front or back doors yet–there is still much work to be done behind-the-scenes, but inside things are coming together.

As I am settling in with furniture and basics for the office, I will begin offering therapy services there. I’m feeling especially grateful not only for a wonderful location but also having great business neighbors including the above mentioned retailer, Skye Salon & Spa, Posterity Frame and Art Gallery and more.

My official address is 17011 Kercheval Ave., Grosse Pointe. Stop by to say hi sometime soon!

Speech With Sara Clinic to Open in Village in City of Grosse Pointe

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