It’s parent-teacher conference season! It’s such an exciting time for everyone. Parents get to learn more about what their child is working on in school; teachers get to highlight projects and learning tools being used with their students; and students get to show off their work.

Sometimes, teachers voice concerns during these conferences and that can be overwhelming, especially when it’s presented in fast-paced back-to-back conferences.

I’m happy to answer questions about concerns your child’s teacher may have expressed related to speech, language and literacy. My previous experience in schools allows me to help parents understand the process and procedures in schools as well as how the areas of concern are important to academic success. Contact me by phone: 313-815-7916 or email:

In the meantime, have fun soaking up all of the praise and seeing all of the hard-work your child is doing each and every day at school!


Speech With Sara LLC offers comprehensive evaluation services for speech-sound disorders, orofacial myofunctional impairments (tongue thrusts, orthodontic relapse, weak lip closure, etc.), receptive/expressive language and literacy development & remediation.

Have questions about your child’s speech and language development, contact Speech With Sara LLC, 313-815-7916 or email: 

Questions After Parent-Teacher Conference? Hit Me Up!

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