I’m not one to brag or even talk myself up. I’m a rather matter-of-fact person and get things done for the sake of getting them done. So what I found in my mailbox last week was a pleasant surprise!

I received an ACE Award from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association for participating in so much continuing education. I accumulated more than 70 hours of continuing education by the halfway point of my 3-year certification maintenance cycle, which far exceeds the requirements.

While I know that I participate in a lot of continuing education, I didn’t realize how much until I received this notification in the mail. The minimum requirement for certified speech-language pathologists is 30 hours/three years.

Learning has been a long-standing passion for me. I picked two careers in which there is and has been constant learning. I picked two careers in which I meet all different kinds of people in different stages of life from whom I learn. I work with children from whom I learn. I work with adults from whom I learn. I collaborate with peers and other professional disciplines from whom I learn.

Participating in continuing education helps keep me current on research studies, therapy methods with research support and trends within my field and other closely related fields. So while I never really think about how much I’m participating in, I’m thrilled to be recognized for my time and passion. I really do it to help my patients. The more I know the more I can help others.

I’m humbled to have earned the ASHA ACE Award. It’s a pretty big deal! I hope all of my learning through continuing education is benefiting not only my patients but anyone with whom I have contact.


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The Surprise In My Mail: an ACE Award from ASHA

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